The search for a security consultant can be a daunting task.  Many people retiring from a military or police career hold themselves out as security consultants. Many companies claim to provide security consulting along with other services, such as providing security guards or installing cameras or alarm systems.  Many times, these companies use "security consulting" as a way to help them sell guard services or security systems.  A Google search of "security consultant" produces nearly 300 million results.  Wading through the myriad of listings would take a lifetime.  So, how do you choose?

Your first step should be identifying exactly what it is you need from a security consultant.  Security is a broad domain with many specializations.  Once you determine what it is you need from a consultant, be certain that who you choose is truly qualified to meet your needs.  Research their experience within the areas you need their services.  Look for professional certifications and experience in providing results for those specific scopes of work.